Gold Tip Traditional XT Carbon ShaftsItem Number: 67091X
$57.50 $57.50
Gold Tip Traditional XT Carbon Shafts

Gold Tip Traditional XT Carbon Shafts

Item Number: 67091X
$57.50 $57.50

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With a higher straightness tolerance and a more retro look and feel than the Gold Tip Traditional shafts, these shafts are perfect for the hunter who is looking for a high-end shaft, while staying true to their traditional roots.

If you like the look of wood, but need the strength of carbon, the Gold Tip Traditional XT shaft offers the best of both worlds! Gold Tip Traditional XT shafts have 100% carbon construction with a wood grain finish that traditional bowhunters cannot resist, and at a weight that most traditionalists require. Features an inside diameter of .246. Combine this shaft with Gold Tip's customizable weight system and the Gold Tip Traditional XT is certain to take its place at the front of your quiver.

Gold Tip Traditional XT Carbon Shafting Specifics
Spine Point ID GPI Length Insert Nock Point
1535/600 5/16" .246" 7.8 30" 12 grains Gold Tip C C
3555/500 5/16" .246" 8.6 32" 12 grains Gold Tip C C
5575/400 5/16" .246" 9.3 32" 12 grains Gold Tip D D
7595/300 5/16" .246" 11.0 32" 12 grains Gold Tip -- --
Straightness  ±.003"        Weight  ±2grains

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PLEASE NOTE: Any service requested may delay shipment. Items with services applied are non-refundable.

Services Available
Standard Fletch:  Our experienced fletchers will 3-fletch your Gold Tip Traditional XT Carbon Shafting with 5" shield left wing TrueFlight feathers. The cock feather will be traditional barred and the 2 hen feathers will be your choice of white, yellow, red, or fluorescent lime (same color for all arrows). Hen feather color can be requested and will be fletched on a CLEAR cap wrap. No substitutions. Allow 4-7 additional business days for your order to be processed.

Cut Shafts to Length:  Have your carbon arrows cut to length. The length is measured from the valley of the nock to the back of the point. Minimum length is 27 ½".

Install Point Inserts:  Choose this option to have our experts install your Point Inserts in your shafts. Please Note: If you select this service without selecting the "Cut to Length" service, your shafts will be cut to the stock length (as specified in the chart above). Please Note: We use epoxy style adhesives on all inserts and most points. Once they are installed, they are permanent.

If you prefer to customize your shaft with additional options, please use our Arrow Builder

See Printable Shaft Selection Chart PDF

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