Archery Infographic: The Art of Archery – A Timeline through the Ages

By Jason D. Mills

Created by Global Gear, this Archery Infographic offers a brief look at how archery has evolved though the ages. From a tool for survival to a weapon of war to a worldwide sporting phenomena. Although it is clearly not all-inclusive (nor does it claim to be), the infographic focuses on the development of archery into a formal sport activity.

It is worth noting that there is evidence of archery well before 3500 BC, which substantially predates the Egyptian empire. In fact, a recent study suggests that the bow and arrow might date back as much as 71,000 years. We know for certain that archery dates back to at least the mesolithic period (roughly 5,000-10,000 BC) because there are still Holmegaard bows (made of elm) in existence today, which have been dated to  9,000 BC.

But don’t let that keep you from enjoying the rest of the infographic.

Global Gear Archery Infographic

3 thoughts on “Archery Infographic: The Art of Archery – A Timeline through the Ages”

  1. Where are the mentions of the innovations Fred Bear made like using fiberglass as part of bow limbs?

  2. You missed Hastings by 2000 years, you missed Agincourt, 1415, the archery event that most characterized change in land warfare into the modern era, and you made no mention whatsoever of the most prolific archery military in history, the Mongols under Ghengis Khan.

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