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T.J. Conrads, editor, publisher and founder of the Traditional Bowhunter Magazine, is one of the leading experts of traditional archery today. T.J. has written this book for both the novice and the experienced traditional archer.

On these pages you will find: the more
When it comes to wilderness survival there's no such thing as being too prepared. Bushcraft 101 by renowned survival expert, Dave Canterbury, is an invaluable resource for anyone planning a trip to the back country.

With emphasis on the 5 "C's" more
Learning to hunt, gather, and cook food in the wild is an incredibly useful skill. Not only is it vital knowledge for camping and hunting trips, but it could mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation. Dave Canterbury shares this precious knowledge in more

DC Waldorf's fifth edition is filled with in-depth look at flintknapping tools and techniques as seen through the eyes of a master. A lifetime of flintknapping crammed into 80 pages filled with detailed sketches and step-by-step methods for producing beautiful knapped pieces.< more

A Master Knapper's Guide to The Fluted Point Traditions of North America presents illustrations, which are useful to modern flintknappers who are looking for guides, templates, or information. Author D.C. Waldorf included background information on the cultures and sites more
Kay and Jaap Koppedrayer guide you step-by-step through the process of Making Bamboo Arrows. As the Koppedrayers say: "A Bamboo arrow is a thing of beauty." And you will soon be making your own beautiful Bamboo arrows with the help of this comprehensive 46 page more
Wild mushrooms can be a delicious treat. But knowing the difference between the ones to eat and the ones to avoid is vital knowledge.

This invaluable book, Edible Mushrooms: Safe to Pick, Good to Eat, features hundreds of pages of useful information on more

There are many books written about how to get that once-in-a-lifetime shot on a trophy animal. But few books offer the valuable wisdom shared in Tim L. Lewis' Tales of Trails: Finding Game After the Shot.

Throughout this 255 page book you will learn the more

Not all hunting requires a gun or a bow. But Mushroom hunting does require a keen eye and informed mind.

The Pocket Guide to Wild Mushrooms covers a wide variety of edible mushrooms, along with poisonous and toxic varieties. Full color photos accompany more
Every dedicated traditional archer longs for equipment that completely matches his own concepts and needs. In this book, he will find everything that he needs to create it.
  • An entire range of personal equipment, from finger guard to belt pouch
  • more
The most comprehensive do-it-yourself tanning book around. From making tools and equipment to recipes for tanning and pickling solutions. 197 pages. Hardcover. By James Churchill. more
The Way of Archery provides a detailed introduction to practicing archery in the traditional Chinese military style. It explains the basics of how to shoot using the Asian thumb ring: proper posture, training regimen, equipment, and avoiding pitfalls in shooting. The more