Edible MushroomsItem Number: 7791
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Edible Mushrooms

Edible Mushrooms

Item Number: 7791
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Wild mushrooms can be a delicious treat. But knowing the difference between the ones to eat and the ones to avoid is vital knowledge.

This invaluable book, Edible Mushrooms: Safe to Pick, Good to Eat, features hundreds of pages of useful information on delicious and savory woodland treats. You'll learn about such common favorites as the Morel, as well as more exotic fare such as the Truffle.

Forty different mushrooms are covered in this 218 page book. It's packed cover-to-cover with full color photos, as well as helpful information on where to find different kinds of mushrooms. Written by experienced mushroom hunters Barbro Forsberg and Stefan Lindberg, with all information verified by professional mycologists (biologists specializing in fungi).

Don't head into the woods without taking this book with you! You never know what tasty treats may be at your feet!

Hundreds of full color photos. 218 pages. Paperback.
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm