Making Bamboo ArrowsItem Number: 6351
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Made in the US
Making Bamboo Arrows

Making Bamboo Arrows

Item Number: 6351
$17.50 $17.50
Made in the US

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Kay and Jaap Koppedrayer guide you step-by-step through the process of Making Bamboo Arrows. As the Koppedrayers say: "A Bamboo arrow is a thing of beauty." And you will soon be making your own beautiful Bamboo arrows with the help of this comprehensive 46 page booklet.

You'll learn everything from harvesting Bamboo to shaving, skinning, and smoothing the shafts. An invaluable resource for Arrow Makers who would like to expand their knowledge and expertise with this unique material.

  • Arrow Bamboo
  • Harvesting Bamboo
  • Choosing raw shafts
  • Straightening the shafts
  • Shaving, skinning, and smoothing the shafts
  • Inserting nocks
  • Fletching using natural feathers
  • Tying off the fletching

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm