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Bow Accessories

Bow Accessories

Item Number: 7830
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Every dedicated traditional archer longs for equipment that completely matches his own concepts and needs. In this book, he will find everything that he needs to create it.
  • An entire range of personal equipment, from finger guard to belt pouch
  • Accessories from tension spring to string holder
  • Ten different types of quivers - the right model for every purpose
  • The making of bow strings
  • Traditional armguards
  • Targets, from simple to imaginative
  • The most varied fittings and equipment
There are also extensive features about arrows, including shafts, feathering, arrow making tools, and unique arrows. You'll benefit from detailed step-by-step instructions from 14 experienced archers. These time-tested techniques are made clear by 560 detailed illustrations. You'll learn how to make your own archery equipment from such natural materials as leather, wood, antler, and bone. An outstanding resource for anyone wanting to explore the roots of traditional archery by creating his own accessories.

Note: Although this book is thorough and covers a wide variety of subjects and skills of interest to the modern traditional archery, bow building is not covered.

216 Pages, hardcover. Packed from Cover to Cover with Full Color Photographs. Written by Volkmar Hubschmann

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm