Retriever Reels

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How tough is RPM Bowfishing Monkey Wire? It's made from the same material used in bullet proof vests! Now that's tough!

Abrasion resistant and rated at 200# tensile strength, Monkey Wire is as serious about bowfishing as you are! With a smaller diameter than other more

Bowfishing is a blast! The 5" aluminum screw-on bowfishing reel from Cajun Bowfishing is the perfect place to start. It's solid, reliable and quick to rewind. Fits all bows with front stabilizer bushing. Color may vary.

  • Solid, reliable, and quick
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Hauling in the big fish means having big gear! The Fin-Finder Rock Solid™ Reel Mount ensures your bowfishing reel is securely attached to your bow. You'll never have to tell about "The one that got away" again!

Features solid 6061 more

Sometimes bowfishing can be as hard on your gear as it is on the fish! That's why Cajun Bowfishing has developed the Spin Doctor, the most durable and innovative bowfishing reel on the market!

Designed to handle the rigors of bowfishing, the Spin Doctor features more

RPM is all about being first! With the RPM M1 SS Spincast Reel they're the first Bowfishing Reel manufacturer to create a spincast reel designed specifically for bowfishing!

The RPM M1 spincast reel features a lightning fast gear ratio of 3.5-1. This means more

RPM is the first bowfishing reel manufacturer to make a "Trigger style" bowfishing reel with the RPM M1-X!

The RPM M1-X is made for serious bowfishers! Just shoot and reel!

Once you've made your shot, just pull the trigger and reel in the line. more

The Fin-Finder SideWinder™ Bowfishing Reel puts real power in your hands. With its quick crank-action you'll reel in the big fish before they know what hit 'em!

Fin-Finder has packed this reel with everything on your "fish wish list." Mounts to your more

Faster, Smoother, and Lighter! The AMS Retriever Pro is more efficient than any other bow fishing reel. No buttons to push before the shot. Just draw, aim, and shoot!

Line is stacked in a bottle, not on a drum or spool, for exact line control. The quick adjust more
The replacement bottle and cap for the AMS Retriever® Bowfishing Reel. Fits the Original and Pro models. The long model has double the capacity of the standard model. Replacement AMS 200# Bowfishing line sold more
New updated design with solid brass gear system, and 350# braided dacron line!

When you have the need for speed, the AMS Retriever® TNT Bowfishing Reel is the answer!

The solid brass gear and pinion and longer handle gives you more

It's a great feeling. You stand on the bow of the boat, searching the water for movement. Then you see it... that big grey shadow just below the surface. You shoot! You hit! Now reel it in! Muzzy helps you land that big fish with their bowfishing bottle reel.

As more

You won't want to kiss the fish, but you may want to KISS your reel! That's because the Grayling Bowfishing Reel is the ideal KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) reel.

Durable, inexpensive, and basic, this is a great beginner's reel. The Grayling reel features a friction more