Cajun Spin Doctor Bowfishing ReelItem Number: 3047
$69.99 $69.99
Cajun Spin Doctor Bowfishing Reel

Cajun Spin Doctor Bowfishing Reel

Item Number: 3047
$69.99 $69.99

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Sometimes bowfishing can be as hard on your gear as it is on the fish! That's why Cajun Bowfishing has developed the Spin Doctor, the most durable and innovative bowfishing reel on the market!

Designed to handle the rigors of bowfishing, the Spin Doctor features dual pickup pins with full metal assembly. You'll enjoy faster pickup, which means faster reeling. The fish won't know what hit 'em!

The Longer hood and larger hole gives you better line feeding. Plus, the one-sided handle helps prevent line tangling.

Take on the tough fish with a reel that's even tougher! The Cajun Bowfishing Spin Doctor Bowfishing Reel!

Please note: This bowfishing reel does not come with a reel mount. See our Bowfishing Reel Mounts here.

Available in Right Handed only.

  • Spinning reel with pre-spooled 150 pound fast flight line
  • Dualpickup pins with full metal assembly
  • Faster pickup for faster reeling
  • One-sided handle to prevent tangling
  • Longer hood and larger hole for better line feeding
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm