AMS Retriever® TNT Bowfishing ReelItem Number: 55506X
$159.99 $159.99
Made in the US
AMS Retriever® TNT Bowfishing Reel

AMS Retriever® TNT Bowfishing Reel

Item Number: 55506X
$159.99 $159.99
Made in the US

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New updated design with solid brass gear system, and 350# braided dacron line!

When you have the need for speed, the AMS Retriever® TNT Bowfishing Reel is the answer!

The solid brass gear and pinion and longer handle gives you ultra-fast response. In fact, the AMS Retriever TNT is the fastest bowfishing reel on the market. Plus, the 4.3:1 gear ratio and extra-long handle means better leverage for reeling in a fish or recovering a missed arrow. Only seconds to reel in your shots!

Like other AMS reels, the Retriever® TNT is made with a corrosion resistant housing and stainless steel hardware. This reel is built for years and years of on-the-water action! Comes with a bottle loaded with 35 yards of 350# Braided Dacron Line so you can make longer shots and reel in tougher fish!

The AMS Retriever® TNT features easy operation. There are no buttons to push before taking your shot. Just aim and shoot, andthe line flies out of the spool right along with the arrow. When you retrieve your arrow, simply pull the trigger and reel it in!

The Retriever® TNT mounts easily and securely to your bow using the AMO sight holes (ATA Accessory holes). The mounting clamp allows for perfect positioning of your AMS bowfishing reel. Adjust forward, backward, up and down with the turn of a thumb screw. The mounting clamp also features a single arrow quiver, for holding your bowfishing arrow securely when not using it.

Every reel includes 35 yards of 350# braided Dacron line, one AMS Safety Slide® kit (arrow not included), an additional mounting plate, for mounting on a bow with a wrap-around bow rest, mounting screws, and an AMS bowfishing decal.

Made in the USA! Available in right and left hand. Please specify.

  • 4.3:1 Brass Gears
  • Extra-long handle
  • 35 yards of 350# Braided Dacron Line
  • Teleescoping Clamp and Quiver Mount
  • AMS Safety Slide®
  • Instruction Manual
  • Trigger Guard
  • Mounting Hardware

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm