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Arrow-Fix is an adjustable tool that can repair broken 11/32" wood arrows. The 5/16" Centering Socket and 23/64" Centering Socket are sold separately. more

This is the 5/16" Centering Socket to be used with the Arrow-Fix Arrow Repair Tool. Sold by the each.

See Arrow-Fix 23/64" Centering Socket more

This is the 23/64" Centering Socket to be used with the Arrow-Fix Arrow Repair Tool. Sold by the each.

See Arrow-Fix 5/16" Centering Socket more

Produce quality four-footed arrows yourself. The compound angles are all worked out in this easy to use Arrow Footing Jig. The jig preps your arrow shafts to take a 4-wing foot. Requires a drill press or router (not included). Comes with instructions.

This 6" Drill Bit is a replacement for the one included in our 3Rivers Internal FOC Weight Jig

  • Drill Bit Diameter Size (Inch) - 9/64"
  • Drill Bit Diameter Size (Decimal Inch) - 0.1406"< more
  • Don't throw away those bent aluminum arrows! This adjustable arrow straightener allows you to restore many of those aluminum arrows that would otherwise be unusable. An extremely handy, money-saving device! Simply adjust the screw, place the shaft on the middle rest, then more
    Add Front of Center weight to your wood arrows with the 3Rivers Internal FOC Weight Jig. Designed to make it incredibly fast and simple to drill your arrows to bump up your point weight or nock end weight.

    This Internal FOC Weight Jig is designed to allow you more
    You've been shooting great! Shot after shot right in the center of the target! But then... catastrophe! A broken arrow! What a frustrating turn of bad luck.

    Take the "mis" out of your "misfortune" with Reparrow! Reparrow is a more
    The Arrow-Fix Drill Guide allows you to drill precise holes in your wood or bamboo arrows to accept tang points and tang nocks.

    Using a power drill (not included), the drill guide lets you drill a center bore with a 4.0mm diameter into the shaft. You can adjust more

    These hardwood foot blanks are "X" slotted and ready to glue into pre-cut arrow shafts. They measure approximately 1/2" x 1/2" X 8" with 4" wing cuts. Sold by the dozen. Available in Osage and Purple Heart. Please specify.

    These more

    Looking for an affordable and easy way to increase the FOC (Front of Center) weight on your wood arrows? Or maybe you'd like to add some weight to the nock end of your arrow? These metal weight rods are the answer!

    The Copper rods are 10 gauge (9/64"), 24& more