Metal Weight RodsItem Number: 56031X
$5.50 $5.50 - $6.50
Made in the US
Metal Weight Rods

Metal Weight Rods

Item Number: 56031X
$5.50 $5.50 - $6.50
Made in the US

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Looking for an affordable and easy way to increase the FOC (Front of Center) weight on your wood arrows? Or maybe you'd like to add some weight to the nock end of your arrow? These metal weight rods are the answer!

The Copper rods are 10 gauge (9/64"), 24" long, and roughly 19 grains per inch.

The Tungsten rods are 3/32" x 7", and roughly 33 grains per inch.

The Lead wire is 1/8" x 24", and roughly 35 grains per inch.

Simply drill a hole into the point end or nock end of your wood arrow, cut the rod to length, insert it in the hole, and glue it in place. It's a simple, affordable way to bump up the FOC weight on your wood arrows. Use an internal FOC weight jig for ease and accuracy.

Sold by the each, Tungsten is 7" rods, and lead and copper are 24" rolls. Please specify.

See Internal FOC Weight Jig

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