Arrow-Fix Arrow Repair/Taper ToolItem Number: 5591-01
$199.99 $199.99
Arrow-Fix Arrow Repair/Taper Tool

Arrow-Fix Arrow Repair/Taper Tool

Item Number: 5591-01
$199.99 $199.99

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Arrow-Fix is an adjustable tool that can repair broken 11/32" wood arrows. The 5/16" Centering Socket and 23/64" Centering Socket are sold separately.

Arrow-Fix enables repairs with little material and time involved, nearly anywhere along the arrow shaft. Arrow-Fix is a tool which utilizes a V-block support method so that the wood arrow can easily and precisely be repaired.

The main body of Arrow-Fix consists of a robust aluminum alloy. To insure that the Arrow-Fix drills into hardwoods, such as locust, bamboo, Osage etc., the manufacturer has designed a special geometric conical drill bit which has been milled from HSS performance tool steel. (HSS is a German high quality standard for tool steel). The Arrow-Fix taper tool is made from the same alloy as the Arrow-Fix. The blades are made from high performance tool steel for a lasting edge.

The Taper Tool can be adjusted for 5/16", 11/32", and 23/64" diameters (5/16" and 23/64" centering sockets sold separately). The conical repaired area is very minimal in depth and the visible repaired joint would be around 1/25th of an inch, meaning that the needed quantity of wood and glue is at a minimum. The Arrow-Fix method changes the spine (the flexibility) of the shaft only slightly. Extensive tests have shown no negative reactions to the shafts' durability or precision even after several repairs.

The Arrow-Fix method spares wood taken away from the shaft during repair and cuts down considerably on glue use. With conventional means, shaft repair involves applying large amounts of glue to a lengthy sharp angled splice joint running along a portion of the arrow shaft. It is not possible for shear force to damage an Arrow-Fix repaired spot. Arrow-Fix is based on a conical joint principle where no shear force can occur. The conventional method ofof repair can sometimes not withstand the shear force caused upon impact, thus resulting in breakage upon the repaired area.

The time spent and the glue used at the repair bench is minimal with the Arrow-Fix at hand. Arrow-Fix will pay for itself only after a few repairs!

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