Arrow Building

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Pine pitch can be used to aid in hafting arrow points, knife blades, and spear points. Can also be used as a waterproofing agent. Store in a cool area. Use low heat to soften. Approxmately 1.3 ounces. more
Dried unprocessed leg sinew. For backing self bows and tying fletching or points to arrows. Sold by the bag. 1-2 pieces of sinew depending on size. Average length 6-8 inches.

  • Back self bows or tie fletching or points to arrows
  • 1 or 2 pieces per more
For the primitive archer who builds their own archery gear. This genuine hide glue is for fletching primitive arrows and backing self bows. The 5 ounce bag is enough for fletching dozens of arrows or applying two layers on a self bow. Water soluble.

  • Fletch more
  • Nice long strands of back sinew for sewing, wrapping and many other uses. Approximately 12" long. Each sold separately.
    • For sewing, wrapping and more
    • Sold individually
    • Approximately 12" in length
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    This is pre-pounded back sinew, ready to use. It's great for backing bows because of it's long length. It's also great for hafting points and wrapping feathers. One hank.
    • Pre-pounded
    • Sold individually
    • Approximately 12" in length
    • more

    These are blocks of horn roughly 4 ¾" x 1 ½" x 1 ¼". You can cut them up for any number of projects. Horn nocks for self bows, nocks or points for bamboo or wood arrows, even as tip overlay materials for self bows. more
    Adding genuine cow horn can take any project to the next level. These horns can be used for tip overlays, self nock inserts, buttons, quiver adornments, or just about anything else you can imagine.

    Each genuine horn is cleaned and polished to a high shine. However, more

    Pine Resin is ideal for binding different materials, such as metal, bone, or stone points to wood shafts.

    This particular resin was developed by Thunderbird Atlatl using natural materials. The bond is tough yet flexible, adhering to a variety of materials. Broken more

    Make quality self nock arrows with the Bearpaw Self Nock Jig.

    This is a very handy tool for arrow builders who want to put a self nock on their own primitive arrows and Medieval arrows. It fits wood arrow shafts 5/16", 11/32", and 23/64" diameters. more

    These Horn Arrow Nocks are a great way to add an authentic primitive touch to your arrows. Great with Bamboo arrows. Available in Large (15/64") and Small (5/32"), please specify. Sold by the 3-pack.

    Please note, the 15/64" nocks will fit more

    This 42" long x ½" diameter Ash War Bow shaft is perfect for medieval enthusiasts. Use this sturdy ash shaft to make arrows for your heavy Medieval English War Bows.

    These shafts have a long 5° point taper on them to accept a 23/64" more
    As the arrow is to the bow, so the dart is to the atlatl. These Ash Dart Shafts and Ash Dart Kits will help you complete your atlatl journey.

    The Atlatl Dart is extremely long compared to the traditional arrow. They can range from five to seven feet, but six feet ( more