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Build custom arrows and save on time! 3Rivers staff take all of the hard work out of wood arrow building by staining each premium wood shaft a rich American Walnut, seal them with 3Rivers Gasket Lacquer, and crest them in 3Rivers' distinct "hunter arrow" cresting for more

Traditional Only® carbon shafts were designed by traditional archery experts for traditional archers. Consistent spine and weight for improved accuracy with high-strength seamless ICS® C2™ carbon composite fiber. Features a no-glare PhotoFusion™ wood grain finish for more

With a wide range of spines, Easton tough construction, and a slick new look, Traditional Only® Barebow carbon shafts are ready to take on any animal, meet any challenge, and survive any ordeal.

3Rivers Archery has partnered with Traditional Vision Quest and more

The 1970s was an amazing time for bowhunters. The sport was growing, while new innovations and classic products were being developed. It was during this incredible era that Easton first introduced their iconic Autumn Orange XX75 arrows. 3Rivers Archery has teamed up with more

Port Orford Cedar has long been known as the best wood for arrows on the planet. Ours are the best Port Orford cedar you can possibly get. They are a factory spined to within five pounds and slightly burnished to keep them smooth. Whether your interests are bowhunting, target more

If you're looking for an arrow shaft that honors tradition while embracing technology, Easton has just what you need! The Easton Carbon Legacy™ arrow shaft features a traditional wood grain look on a high-quality carbon fiber arrow shaft. They've even added a more

Traditional Only® Carbon Shafting Test Kit is perfect for helping you find the perfect arrows. If you don't start with the right arrow, you'll never get the right shot. Don't waste money guessing. Tune your bow with Traditional Only carbon shafting Test Kit.

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Finally, an easy and convenient way to check your draw length! The Easton Draw Length Indicator allows you to accurately check your draw length on any standard bow, including your own. No need to go to a pro shop. Clear markings show you the exact measurement in inches. Made of more

A classic camo style with precision and strength, in a long list of available spines. Super strong 96,000 psi (pounds per square inch) 7075-T9 alloy with hard anodized 4-tone camo and easy draw finish. Aluminum UNI bushings and nocks installed, inserts included. 1816 and 1916 more

The 3Rivers Hunter Arrows Fletched Test Kits are for anyone not sure exactly what wood arrow spine they need. Arrow spine is roughly the stiffness of the shaft. We are offering fletched test kits of eight wood arrows in four different spines. A cost effective way to find the more

It's one of the most common questions our customers have:"What spine arrow should I shoot?" Our Traditional Only® Carbon Arrow Fletched Test Kit is just what you need to figure out the spine of carbon arrow that works best for you.

We sell our Traditional more

Interested in buying some Gold Tip Traditional carbon arrows, but not sure what spine to get? Start with a bare shaft test kit to try out the different spines available before buying a full pack in just one spine. We recommend also buying a read more