Traditional Only Carbon Arrow Fletched Test KitItem Number: 67801X
$33.99 $33.99
Made in the US
Traditional Only Carbon Arrow Fletched Test Kit

Traditional Only Carbon Arrow Fletched Test Kit

Item Number: 67801X
$33.99 $33.99
Made in the US

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It's one of the most common questions our customers have: "What spine arrow should I shoot?" Our Traditional Only® Carbon Arrow Fletched Test Kit is just what you need to figure out the spine of carbon arrow that works best for you.

We sell our Traditional Only® Test Kits in two different sets. The A Kit features one each of 600, 500, and 400 spine. The B Kit features one each of 600, 500, 400, 340, and 300 spine. Each spine is fletched with three 5" shield left wing TrueFlight turkey feathers, color coded for easy identification: 600-blue, 500-red, 400-yellow, 340-lime, and 300-white.

Traditional Only® Carbon Arrows are the traditional archer's perfect carbon arrows. Perfect for bowhunters, with proper grain weight for pass-through penetration and excellent arrow flight. Discover the strength and versatility of carbon arrows with pre-fletched Traditional Only® carbon arrows.

The Traditional Only® offers no-glare PhotoFusion wood grain finish that gives quiet draws every time. Expect the best high-strength ICS® C2™ carbon. Straightness ± .003" with weight tolerance of ± 2.0 grains, and OD (outside diameter) of the popular 5/16". Excellent energy retention, and perfect combination of speed, durability, and price. Nocks installed, inserts included.

Don't waste money guessing. Tune your bow with Traditional Only carbon arrow fletched test kits. Sold full length (see chart below).

    Made in the USA by Easton.
  • Kit A: 600, 500, 400
  • Kit B: 600, 500, 400, 340, 300
  • PhotoFusion wood grain finish
  • High-strength ICS® C2™ carbon
  • Straightness ± .003" and weight tolerance of ± 2.0 grains
  • H Nock (600 spine) or Super Nock (500-300 spines) installed
  • Nocks are white - color subject to change without notice
  • Outside Diameter of 5/16" (600 spine is 9/32")
Traditional Only Carbon Shafting Specifics
Spine Point GPI Length Insert Nock Point Collar Nock Collar
600 5/16" 7.0 30 ¾" 11 gr H Nock A A
500 5/16" 8.0 31" 14 gr Super Nock B B
400 5/16" 9.1 32" 14 gr Super Nock C C
340 5/16" 10.0 32 ½" 14 gr Super Nock D D
300 5/16" 10.1 33" 14 gr Super Nock D D
Straightness      ±.003"        Weight    ±2 grains

Services Available
Cut Shafts to Length:  Have your carbon arrows cut to length. The length is measured from the throat of the nock to the back of the point. Minimum length is 27½".

Install Inserts:  Choose this option to have our experts install your Aluminum Point Inserts in your shafts. Please Note: If you select this service without selecting the "Cut to Length" service, your shafts will be cut to the stock length (as specified in the chart above). Please Note: We use epoxy style adhesives on all inserts and most points. Once they are installed, they are permanent.

See Printable Shaft Selection Chart PDF

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm