Primitive Bows

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Please note: The Yumi Nisun Traditional Japanese Bow is currently on backorder. They will not be shipping until after Christmas.

This is the same style of bow utilized by the famed Samurai warriors of Feudal Japan. While Samurai are usually more

The Lynx II (Hungarian bow) is a static recurve bow. This is a very good bow, rugged in construction, with nearly the same smooth draw and quiet release as other horse bows, but at less cost.

The Lynx II horse bow measures 51½" long when strung. Shoot more
From the mist-shrouded legends of old comes this stunning wood bow! The Elven Ranger Wood Bow features a classic design, expert craftsmanship, and natural materials.

The solid Hickory Elven Ranger Wood Bow features jaw-dropping good looks from highlighted more
If you're interested in making a selfbow, you should take a look at these Hickory Flatbow blanks! These kits comes roughed out in a classic flatbow design. This kit makes it easy for anyone to make a nice selfbow in a fraction of the time it would take if you started with a raw more
The Atlatl predates the bow and arrows by several thousand years. It was mankind's first step into developing projectile weapons. And this amazing tool is still in use today by primitive enthusiasts and do-it-yourselfers.

3Rivers Archery is proud to offer three more
The Magyar bow is inspired by the warrior-archers of the same name. The Magyar were the original Hungarian people, renowned for their horsemanship and archery. Because of their skill with the horse bow, at one point in history these great warriors controlled more territory than more

Start making your wood bow today, with this Hickory Bow Blank with Bloodwood Accents! Each kit comes with a Hickory belly, bamboo backing, bloodwood handle, and bloodwood tip overlays already glued together.

Easily build an English style longbow or a Howard Hill style more

Ancient history is often mingled with legend. The Trojan War is a perfect example. Did the King of Sparta truly wage war against Troy for the hand of the lovely Helen?

One thing we do know for a fact is that such a war would have included use of the longbow. The more

Artfully finished, this Youth Prologue wood bow is a great way to introduce the youth in your life to primitive archery. The Prologue Bow would fit in great at any shooting club, Renaissance Faire, or on the archery range.

Made from one solid piece of Hickory for more

The Black Shadow Korean traditional bow features graceful curves, yet stores exponential power. Even with its short 48" tip-to-tip bow length, the Black Shadow Korean bow offers maximum stability and draws smooth to 31". Featuring a Matt finish for a distinct and more
This Replacement Bow String for the Yumi Japanese Traditional Bow is made from a type of sturdy, long-lasting kevlar. It will stand up to the rigors of Japanese archery, and last through many shots. Includes a length of twine to be used as serving. Features loops in the timber more
Replacement bow string for the Magyar Sport Horse Bow. The string measures 50" in length and is to be used only with the Magyar Sport Horse bow. The end loops are served to allow for increased durability without interfering with bow performance.

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