Primitive Bows

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This is the same style of bow utilized by the famed Samurai warriors of Feudal Japan. While Samurai are usually recognized for their swordsmanship, proficiency with the Yumi (Japanese Bow) was actually considered a more valuable skill through much of Japan's history. Modern more

The Lynx II (Hungarian bow) is a static recurve bow. This is a very good bow, rugged in construction, with nearly the same smooth draw and quiet release as other horse bows, but at less cost.

The Lynx II horse bow measures 51½" long when strung. Shoot more
The Magyar bow is inspired by the warrior-archers of the same name. The Magyar were the original Hungarian people, renowned for their horsemanship and archery. Because of their skill with the horse bow, at one point in history these great warriors controlled more territory than more

Combining graceful curves with exponential power, the Black Shadow Korean traditional bow boasts maximum stability despite its compact 48" tip-to-tip length. It features a smooth draw extending to 31", complemented by a matte finish for a distinct and elegant appearance more

This Replacement Bow String for the Yumi Japanese Traditional Bow is made from a type of sturdy, long-lasting kevlar. It will stand up to the rigors of Japanese archery, and last through many shots. Includes a length of twine to be used as serving. Features loops in the timber more

This string is a perfect replacement bow string or back up bow string for your Lynx II Hungarian Horse Bow. It is made by Horse Bows, the same company that brings you the Lynx II and Magyar, so you know it will be a quality, more

There are few bows in history as revered and admired as the English longbow. The Greyhawke English Longbow captures the nobility and tradition of this legendary bow.

The Greyhawke is made from a single piece of premium hickory and is stained rustic brown. It features more

Korea has one of the most vibrant and exciting archery communities in the world. So it's no surprise that they should bring us the elegant, powerful, and deadly Assassin traditional bow.

Designed in the traditional Korean style, this bow features graceful curves, more
There's nothing quite like the look and feel of a traditional Korean Bow. Light and small, these bows are deceptively powerful, casting arrows as hard and fast as any western bow pound for pound.

The Nomad is the latest and greatest traditional bow to come out of more
Please note: the manufacturer does not provide a warranty for these Hickory Staves once you start work on the bow.

These Hickory Staves are a great way to learn basic bow building. The staves are floor tillered with the string grooves more

Young archers can enjoy the satisfaction and challenge of bow building as well! The U-Finish Youth Longbow Blank provides the perfect foundation for finishing your very own youth bow!

Great for beginners or young bow builders. Or for experienced bow builders wanting more

Every archer and bowhunter admires a beautiful bow. When you add in smooth-shooting and a design of historical significance, you have a bow of true magnificence. The Classic English Longbow with Horn Nocks is just such a bow... a beautiful piece of history brought to life. more