Instinctive Shooting Volume 2Item Number: 7862
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Made in the US
Instinctive Shooting Volume 2

Instinctive Shooting Volume 2

Item Number: 7862
$19.99 $19.99
Made in the US

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Do you want to learn how to shoot longbows and recurves instinctively. No sights, no systems, just a natural pick a spot and shoot style. G. Fred Asbell is a traditional archery guru with both longbows and recurves and in this book he takes you on a journey. A journey leading you to become the best traditional archery shooter you can be.

Every nuance of the shot sequence is covered in the easy to understand style that has made G. Fred Asbell so popular among traditional bowhunters everywhere. Entire chapters are dedicated to dissecting and describing each step in the shot process.

Learn the basic elements described in this book, implement them, and you'll become the accurate shooter you've always wanted to be. Instinctive Shooting Volume 2 is a traditional bowhunting classic. Generously illustrated, 153 pages. Paperback.

  • By G. Fred Asbell
  • Learn how to shoot accurately
  • Covers every aspect of longbow and recurve bow shooting
  • 153 pages, generously illustrated, and paperback

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm