Johnny Karch 2018 Indiana Whitetail Deer

Name: Johnny Karch
Country Harvested: United States
State/Province: Indiana
Year: 2018
Type of Game: Trophy Room, Whitetail Deer
Equipment Used:

Tomahawk Bow – Legacy Series – Deluxe model – 55#
Homemade Wood Arrows
Woodsman Broadheads – Original Series – 125 grains

Additional Info:

My wife and I recently bought six acres we plan to build a house on, but in the mean time I figured I could hunt it once in a while. I cut a path with hand trimmers for making it easier for deer to cross through. Neighbors are a corn field and more woods, so great spot. Only six acres, but I found a good tree with lots of cover. Had a great broadside shot and she didn’t run far, or leave my property. REALLY glad to be able to hunt and get one on my own land.

Photo: Johnny Karch 2018 Indiana Whitetail Deer