Woodsman® ELITE 3-Blade Glue-On Broadheads 125 grains, 3-packItem Number: 4225-01
$69.99 $69.99
Made in the US
Woodsman® ELITE 3-Blade Glue-On Broadheads 125 grains, 3-pack

Woodsman® ELITE 3-Blade Glue-On Broadheads 125 grains, 3-pack

Item Number: 4225-01
$69.99 $69.99
Made in the US

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Pursue Your Target™

Every Woodsman® ELITE Broadhead has a precision sharp grind that can be easily honed to a hunting sharp edge. The most deadly broadhead just got Deadlier!

Our Woodsman® ELITE broadhead are machined from a solid piece of tool-grade carbon steel for unsurpassed strength and True Spin™ for perfect arrow flight. The pyramid tip is for increased strength when hitting hard surfaces like bone. The Woodsman® ELITE has excellent edge retention with 50 Rockwell. Proudly Made In The USA, and coated in an advanced Pure Teflon® for DEEP Penetration. Spin-true Every time! The strongest 3-blade broadhead anywhere and backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.

Bowhunters all over the World can shoot with the most deadly broadhead for Unsurpassed Performance and Devastating blood trails. These broadheads have been tested to withstand being shot into concrete and not folding under the pressure. Modeled after the best selling, top-performing Wensel Woodsman® broadhead. See pass-thrus on big game and sharpen to deadly hair-popping precision!

Shooting a Recurve, Longbow, or Compound, the Woodsman® ELITE broadhead is the perfect match for your bowhunting arrows. Designed to penetrate big game and put more meat in the freezer. Use the best on your next hunt. When you hit the Woods, make sure the Woodsman® ELITE hits your mark! Woodsman® ELITE broadheads, "The Most Deadly Broadhead You'll Ever Shoot!"

125 grain glue-on model sold by the 3-pack. Ferrule is 11/32" diameter.

Pursue Your Target.

  • Machined from a solid piece of Tool-Grade Steel
  • Pyramid tip for Strength
  • Advanced Pure Teflon® coating for DEEP penetration
  • Excellent Edge Retention with 50 Rockwell
  • 1-1/8 inch cutting diameter
  • Proudly Made in theUSA
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Sold by the 3-pack
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm