Wild Plants and Survival LoreItem Number: 8101
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Made in the US
Wild Plants and Survival Lore

Wild Plants and Survival Lore

Item Number: 8101
$27.99 $27.99
Made in the US

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Which wild plants can you use as food? How do you build a shelter in the woods? How can you purify water? These are questions every survival expert must answer before daring to accept the challenges of the forest. In the first of his series of survival books, Mark Warren answers these questions and more.

Wild Plants and Survival Lore teaches you which plants can be used as food, medicine, or to craft tools. Mark also covers vital Native American skills such as building shelters, purifying water, and making traps and snares.

This amazing book is ideal for teachers, scout leaders, and anyone interested in exploring the outdoors. It's great for hikers as well, teaching them to travel lighter and rely on the forest for their needs. Parents will also find this book helpful, letting them pass down precious knowledge to their children and grandchildren.

For centuries human beings have sought to understand the "Secrets of the Forest." Now Mark Warren reveals this ancient wisdom in his four-volume series of insightful and comprehensive books. Collect them all to build your very own library of survival lore.

Dimensions: 8-1/2" x 11". Features over 245 pages of informative text, illustrations, and color photographs. Paperback.

See Fire Making, Story Telling, and Ceremony book (Secrets of the Forest, Vol. 2)

See Stalking, Tracking, and Playing Games book (Secrets of the Forest, Vol. 3)

See Archery, Projectiles, and Canoeing book (Secrets of the Forest, Vol. 4)

See Secrets of the Forest, 4 volume set

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm