Archery, Projectiles, and CanoeingItem Number: 8104
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Made in the US
Archery, Projectiles, and Canoeing

Archery, Projectiles, and Canoeing

Item Number: 8104
$27.99 $27.99
Made in the US

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The wilderness plays no favorites. You must either dominate your surroundings or crawl back to civilization with your tail between your legs. Part of the challenge includes creating and using projectile weapons, including slings, spears, atlatls, and bows and arrows. In the fourth volume of his acclaimed survival series, Mark Warren teaches you all of this and more.

In Archery, Projectiles, and Canoeing Mark teaches you how to make and use these time-tested weapons, as well as throwing knives, tomahawks, and blowguns. Learn the art of archery, including the clout, lob, and direct shots. You'll also learn how to shoot at moving targets.

Mark even teaches you how to make your own Cherokee style selfbow and rivercane arrows.

The second half of the book covers lessons on tandem canoeing. You'll start on lakes and ponds and work your way up to rivers and whitewater rapids. You'll learn how to "read" the water, eddy turns, peel-outs, lateral ferry maneuvers, and running rapids. You'll also learn rescue procedures for capsized boats and swimmers.

For centuries human beings have sought to understand the "Secrets of the Forest." Now Mark Warren reveals this ancient wisdom in his four-volume series of insightful and comprehensive books. Collect them all to build your very own library of survival lore.

Dimensions: 8-1/2" x 11". Features over 267 pages of informative text, illustrations, and color photographs. Paperback.

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm