Fire Making, Story Telling, and CeremonyItem Number: 8102
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Made in the US
Fire Making, Story Telling, and Ceremony

Fire Making, Story Telling, and Ceremony

Item Number: 8102
$28.99 $28.99
Made in the US

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Fire has long been mankind's most important discovery. It provides warmth, cooks food, and offers light in the darkest of night. Any outdoors enthusiast or survival expert needs to master this volatile element in order to tame the wilderness. Mark Warren teaches you these ancient secrets in Fire Making, Story Telling, and Ceremony, the second volume in his outstanding series of survival books.

Learn how to create fire using the hand drill, bow drill, and fire-saw methods. Discover which species of trees and dried weeds work best for a fire kit. Learn where to find combustible tinder, how to create a fail-proof pyre, and how to sustain a fire for several days.

Mark also covers storytelling and ceremony, letting young and old alike develop a deeper connection with the wilderness. Contains more than 100 original activities to engage and inspire.

For centuries human beings have sought to understand the "Secrets of the Forest." Now Mark Warren reveals this ancient wisdom in his four-volume series of insightful and comprehensive books. Collect them all to build your very own library of survival lore.

Dimensions: 8-1/2" x 11". Features over 216 pages of informative text, illustrations, and color photographs. Paperback.

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm