Stalking, Tracking, and Playing GamesItem Number: 8103
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Stalking, Tracking, and Playing Games

Stalking, Tracking, and Playing Games

Item Number: 8103
$27.99 $27.99
Made in the US

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The forest is owned by those cunning enough to understand it. When you learn the lessons held within Stalking, Tracking, and Playing Games, you will become as cunning as the animals themselves.

The third volume in Mark Warren's acclaimed survival series, this book teaches you how to stalk animals in the wild without being detected. Learn what clothing to wear, what posture to take, and how to de-scent yourself. You'll also learn the art of "soft walking," an ultra-slow-motion technique that allows you to avoid the peripheral vision of wary wildlife.

Mark will also teach you how to read the individual tracks and gaits of different animal species. In addition, there are sections on converting animal skins into rawhide and leather for clothing and gear. There's even a chapter on snakes, which demystifies this often misunderstood animal.

The second half of the book covers fun outdoor games for young and old alike. Many of these games come from Native American traditions, while others are new and original. These are great physical games, as well as fun campfire activities. There are over 150 of these exciting games, perfect for large groups or even small families.

For centuries human beings have sought to understand the "Secrets of the Forest." Now Mark Warren reveals this ancient wisdom in his four-volume series of insightful and comprehensive books. Collect them all to build your very own library of survival lore.

Dimensions: 8-1/2" x 11". Features over 238 pages of informative text, illustrations, and color photographs. Paperback.

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm