Wild Fletching Feather DyeItem Number: 50851X
$6.99 $6.99
Made in the US
Wild Fletching Feather Dye

Wild Fletching Feather Dye

Item Number: 50851X
$6.99 $6.99
Made in the US

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Keep a reminder of your special wild turkey (or other game bird) trophies by fletching your arrows with their feathers. Wild Fletching's brand of feather dye allows you to use wild feathers to create professional colored fletchings for your arrows.

Professional feather dye is easy to use, but keep in mind, this dye is very potent. It will stain almost anything. It is recommended you wear thick rubber gloves when handling to avoid staining your skin. Use a Pyrex® glass, enamel coated, or stainless steel surface to work on.

These bright, vibrant dyes come in a variety colors, including red, orange, yellow, lime, chartreuse, neon green, green, blue, bright purple, and hot pink. Please specify.

One bottle will dye one pound of material, or approximately 150 raw (unground 12") full length primary feathers.

Approximately 1/4 ounce of powdered dye in each 20 milliliter bottle. Comes with sample feather and complete instructions.

Note: For best results soak your feathers for 10 to 15 minutes in warm tap water with a tablespoon of dish soap or mild detergent. Gently stir or shake to loosen and remove debris from the feathers. Then drain and rinse to remove any remaining soap.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm