Stabil-Kore™ Lamination Strip 72"Item Number: 447702
$19.99 $14.99
Stabil-Kore™ Lamination Strip 72"

Stabil-Kore™ Lamination Strip 72"

Item Number: 447702
$19.99 $14.99

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If you're a bow builder who would like to add extra performance to your bows, this Stabil-Kore™/Speed Tuff core material is the perfect fit!

Stabil-Kore™ is a proprietary composite, perfect as a stubstitute for carbon. This lightweight core material gives bow limbs lateral and torsion rigidity. You'll notice increased efficiency, as well as added multi-directional attributes. Stabil-Kore™ reinforces limbs, increases cast, and practically eliminates lateral twisting. This improves in-line recovery and gives you more energy down range.

These Stabil-Kore™ strips are sanded on both sides. They can be used with carbon laminations. Each strip measures approx 72" x 2" x .015".
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm