Shot TrainerItem Number: 8128X
$65.99 $65.99
Made in the US
Shot Trainer

Shot Trainer

Item Number: 8128X
$65.99 $65.99
Made in the US

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Even experienced archers and bowhunters struggle with maintaining consistent form. The Shot Trainer is an amazing archery training device that was developed in cooperation with the US Olympic Archery Team to help you maintain shot strength and direction to achieve Olympic level accuracy!

The Shot Trainer has taken shooting practice to the next level, and after using it for just 10 minutes you'll notice the change! The improved Shot Trainer slide-on sleeve comes with padding on both arm straps to ensure the utmost comfort even with heavy recurve and longbows while protecting your forearm making for comfortable practice. Pliable, strong parachute cording loops around the bowstring forming a rock-solid connection that won't damage your string serving. The adjustable center strap allows for easy adjustment in seconds to the specific archer, and the detachable stainless steel snap-hook allows for quick hook up to your bow and easy detach for walking around and retrieving your arrows.

The method of the Shot Trainer is simple but effective. When you release the bow string, the kinetic energy of the bow is transferred to your elbow, forcing you to maintain back tension strength and direction through the shot sequence. Having approximately a 1" gap between your release fingers and the bow string is recommended. It is better to have the Shot Trainer set too short than too long. Set it as short as possible while still being able to execute your shot.

The Shot Trainer can be used for practice with or without an arrow on the string, making it great for practicing indoors or in the backyard. When an arrow is on the string the arrow will tumble approximately 6 to 8 feet upon release.

The Shot Trainer is great for curing target panic and other shooting anxieties. It rewires your brain to rethink the movements and strength required for a good shot. After sufficient practice, you'll notice you've been reprogrammed to shoot the same with or without the Shot Trainer to shoot the strongest shot of your life!

Sizing and Fit
Measure the circumference of your drawing arm at its widest point.
Some people have bigger forearms than biceps - measure the widest point.
Most archers are size 1 - it is supposed to be a snug fit.

The Shot Trainer works with all recurves and longbows. Available in Size 1 (less than 12") or Size 2 (greater than 12"). Please specify.

Read this blog on how to use the Shot Trainer by the manufacturers.

Click here to download the Shot Trainer User Manual.

Astra Archery is proud to sponsor the members of the US Olympic Archery Team and the United States Olympic Resident Athlete Program with Shot Trainers.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm