Primal Dreams DVD - Full Length EditionItem Number: 4228-2
$24.99 $24.99
Made in the US
Primal Dreams DVD - Full Length Edition

Primal Dreams DVD - Full Length Edition

Item Number: 4228-2
$24.99 $24.99
Made in the US

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Primal Dreams is a celebration of nature. Over two hours of breathtaking scenery and incredible footage of animals in their natural habitat and the bowhunters that pursue them. This DVD has captivated both hunters and non-hunters alike. For those who hunt, it stirs the instinctual primal need we feel to hunt. For non-hunters, after soaking in the experiences, they say, "Wow, NOW I get it! Now, I understand why you hunt, and I'm OK with it."

This is not just a bowhunting movie, it's a celebration of nature, a chronicle revealing the essence of the hunt, and beautifully illustrates the circle of life.

We've heard from more guys than you can believe that their kids and their wives not only enjoy the movie, but ask them to put it on!

Primal Dreams is one of the best produced DVD's we've ever seen. From the stunning wildlife scenes to the dramatic music, it's tasteful and professional from start to finish.

We've always said that hunting with a longbow or a recurve was a journey not a destination. After surrendering to the message of this movie, everyone will understand what we mean.

This DVD needs to be circulated! Share your passion for hunting, watch this movie with your friends. Give them out as gifts. Do you know any kids who might like to start hunting? We have no doubt that you'll kindle a fire of desire in them with this movie. A fire that when fanned into flame will have them dreaming their own primal dreams... Approximately 225 minutes.

    Winner of three 2005 Telly Awards!
  • 1st place for Cinematography
  • 2nd place for Editing
  • 2nd Place for Use of Music

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm