Nitro Button String Nocks, 6-packItem Number: 40984
$5.99 $5.99
Nitro Button String Nocks, 6-pack

Nitro Button String Nocks, 6-pack

Item Number: 40984
$5.99 $5.99

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In traditional archery there's no such thing as too fast. You need to squeeze every ounce of speed you can from your bow. Nitro Button string nocks increase overall speed by eliminating nock pinch.

Nitro Buttons are easily installed on your bow string using the included cotter pin. Install two or three on either side of your nocking point. This will give you a consistent nocking point without the use of a brass string nock. You'll enjoy a cleaner release of the arrow, thus increasing speed.

Nitro Buttons also help dampen string noise. Imagine being faster, quieter, deadlier. It's the combo every traditional bowhunter dreams about.

Nitro Button string nocks are sold by the 6-pack with a cotter pin included for easy installation.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm