Victory RIP TKO Gamer Carbon Shafts, 12-packItem Number: 68321-12400
$194.99 $194.99
Victory RIP TKO  Gamer Carbon Shafts, 12-pack

Victory RIP TKO Gamer Carbon Shafts, 12-pack

Item Number: 68321-12400
$194.99 $194.99

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Let it RIP with Victory RIP TKO .204 Gamer Arrow Shafts! Victory has designed these powerful carbon arrow shafts for bowhunters who seek the perfect combination of penetration, speed, and durability. The smaller .204" inside diameter and high modulus 100% carbon fiber reduces wind drift while increasing penetration.

For even more devastating power, Victory has included their 50 grain SHOK® inserts. These inserts are designed for increased FOC (front of center) weight and maximum penetration.

The ICE nano ceramic coating gives you better penetration and easier arrow removal from targets. Plus, Victory has used MaxxKeâ„¢ technology to pump up the kinetic energy for harder hitting shots and quicker recovery in flight.

AAE IP5 Nocks are installed, and a dozen 50 grain SHOK® Inserts are included. Victory RIP TKO Gamer arrow shafts are sold by the dozen, and available in spines of 250, 300, 350, and 400. Please specify.

Victory RIP TKO .204 GamerSpecifics
Spine Point GPI Length Insert Nock Point
400 5/16" 9.0 31" 50gr IP5 Nock -- --
350 5/16" 8.7 31" 50gr IP5 Nock ----
300 5/16" 8.8 31" 50gr IP5 Nock -- --
250 5/16" 8.9 31" 50gr IP5 Nock -- --
Straightness      ±.003"        Weight    ±0.5gr
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm