Cajun Bowfishing

Cajun Bowfishing is an industry leader in bowfishing bows, reels, fish points, shafts, and other gear. They're continually developing new gear to help you land the big fish.
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Stick it to BIG fish with the Cajun Fish Stick! This complete bowfishing set up is perfect for pros and beginners alike.

This bowfishing kit includes the Cajun Fish Stick 45# takedown bowfishing recurve bow. Features a quality, lightweight machined aluminum 20" more

Transform your bow into a bowfishing machine with the Cajun Bowfishing Reel Seat Mount. Engineered from high-quality aluminum, this seat promises unwavering strength and reliability for your bowfishing adventures. 

Designed to mount to standard 5/16" front more

Many bowfishing archers assemble their own fish arrows for the cost savings and the fact that they can use the bowfishing points they prefer. These bowfishing arrow shafts are solid fiberglass with the nock end tapered to fit a standard 5/16" glue-on nock and are more

Embark on your bowfishing journey with confidence using our Beginners Bowfishing Kit, specially designed for those new to the sport. This all-in-one package includes a screw-on bowfishing reel (color may vary) and a high-quality bowfishing line, ensuring you're more

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Sometimes bowfishing can be as hard on your gear as it is on the fish! That's why Cajun Bowfishing has developed the Spin Doctor, the most durable and innovative bowfishing reel on the market!

Designed to handle the rigors of bowfishing, the Spin Doctor features more

Get ready for your next shot with the Cajun Brush Fire Bowfishing Arrow Rest, a full containment arrow rest designed for unbeatable performance. This arrow rest features a rugged aluminum body with bristles that keep your arrow perfectly positioned, ensuring you're always more

Get on the water and start ragin' with Cajun! The Cajun Sting-A-Ree Tournament Bowfishing Arrow is designed to penetrate and hold the toughest, most tenacious fish!

Cajun bowfishing has made this the best bowfishing arrow by infusing the red fiberglass more
Just like its namesake the Piranha XT point from Cajun Bowfishing strikes with deadly sharp precision! When paired with the Cajun fiberglass bowfishing arrow, it's a predator without peers!

With a durable jackhammer tip and sturdy barbs, the stainless steel more

No fish escapes the Piranha XT! Cajun Bowfishing has designed and built a devastating point that penetrates and holds even the mightiest of big fish!

The bowfishing geniuses at Cajun have revised and redesigned this brutal point to have stronger, more durable more

Meet your newest secret weapon! Pair the Sting-A-Ree Tournament bowfishing point with your favorite fish arrow for a devastating combo that holds onto even the strongest fish.

This tournament style point digs deep into fish flesh for a tight hold. The Sting-A-Ree more

Get ready for some "Fish Kabob!" The 4 Barb Stinger bowfishing point from Cajun Bowfishing features four tough barbs to latch onto fish with a stainless steel death grip!

Ideal for soft flesh fish such as carp. The barbs hold tight to even the more