arrow retrieval

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Crafted from soft molded rubber with comfortable finger grooves, this tool provides a secure grip for effortless arrow retrieval. Designed to hold arrows tightly, it increases your leverage, making it easier to pull arrows out of archery targets.

No more struggling more

This lightweight and flexible arrow puller offers a secure grip on wood, aluminum, and carbon arrows, effortlessly handling even the smallest shafts. Its soft, ergonomic design ensures a comfortable hold, making it an essential tool for both target archery and 3D archery more

You get two tools in one! The Lumenok™ Extinguisher Arrow Puller not only pulls arrows from targets, it also is a handy way to turn off your Lumenok™ Lighted Nock.

The Lumenok™ Extinguisher is easy to use. Simply place it around the shaft near more

Nothing spoils a day of target shooting like having your points buried deep into a tree or board. Extracting the point can be a real problem. The Point-Puller extraction tool solves that problem.

Pulling on the arrow shaft can damage the arrow. With the Point-Puller more

Pulling arrows from targets, trees, and other surfaces has never been easier! The Allen Arrow Puller grips your arrows making pulling them free a breeze.

The soft rubber and molded handle is easy on your hands, eliminating blisters. Fits any diameter shaft.

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Shooting arrows is fun. Retrieving them? Not so much.

The Big Gripper lets you get a solid grip on your stuck arrow shafts. Whether they're buried in a tree or in a target, the Big Gripper gives you the grip and leverage to safely remove them.

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