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Set of three replacement O-rings for the Bison leather O-ring archery shooting tab. Comes with one each of medium, large, and x-large O-rings.

See American Bison Spilt Finger O-ring Shooting Tab

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Designed to protect you from sores and blisters when drawing a bow with your thumb. Our leather thumb rings are more comfortable and adjustable than a horn thumb ring. Made from premium grade leather with an adjustable buckle for adjusting to fit any size finger on both men more

Thumb Rings are a unique and fun way to explore traditional Eastern archery and horse bow archery. These sturdy brass Vermil thumb rings will take you back to the ancient Steppes of Eastern Europe and Asia.

To use the thumb ring, rest the string between the lip and more

Experience the Saunders Mono Shooting Tab, designed for archers who prioritize a super-smooth release with every draw. Crafted for durability and unaffected by moisture, this tab offers reliability without compromise. Despite its affordability, it boasts a robust construction more

Experience ultimate versatility and comfort with the Saunders Archery Pak Tab™ Multi Layer Kit, designed to adapt seamlessly to diverse shooting conditions. This innovative kit caters to both right and left-handed archers, offering a customizable experience through its more

A simple design with quality construction, Vermil's Manchu thumb ring is just the thing for horse bow archers looking for new shooting styles.

Unlike other thumb rings, the Manchu doesn't have the typical "lip and guard" design. The Manchu features a more

Eastern archery features many unique and fascinating innovations. Among them is the thumb ring. This pewter thumb ring is an authentic and quality product for those who want to recreate the traditions of eastern horse bow archery.

This thumb ring is easy to use. more

There's nothing like the feel of a quality leather tab between your fingers and the bow string. It makes shooting a joy by blending protection with performance. Quality NOVEM Split Finger Tabs are the perfect tabs for those who appreciate quality craftsmanship and a more

This expertly crafted archery glove was developed by national champions to help you master the Mongolian shooting style. Made from high-quality leather, it is reinforced at the thumb to ensure both durability and smooth releases. 

This glove serves as a great more

Designed with a slick calf hair facing, a rubber middle layer, and a comfortable leather liner, this tab ensures both performance and support during use. The split finger design, complemented by a rubber finger spacer, effectively prevents arrow pinching, thereby enhancing more

This shooting tab offers a reliable alternative to calf hair with its smooth, durable leather construction. As you use it, the leather breaks in, becoming increasingly slick for smoother and cleaner releases over time. Its dual-layer design features a smooth face layer of more

Achieve a flawless string release with this top-quality shooting tab. The American Bison 3-Under O-Ring Tab is crafted with incredibly durable American bison leather on the face, ensuring long-lasting performance. The back is made from pigskin, providing a soft and more