Primitive Arrows

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A great way to embrace tradition, while also embracing quality. These self-nocked wood arrows are perfect for primitive bowhunters shooting self bows, and for adding the final touch to your renaissance faire medieval archer persona. Attractive arrows that will get as many more

These are fully finished, handcrafted Bamboo Arrows that are not only unique looking, but sturdy and accurate. Each comes pre-fletched (color may vary) and with nocks and points installed. Nocks are made of bone (white) or water buffalo horn (black). We pick at random if you more

Pre-waxed artificial sinew is great for do-it-yourself primitive projects. This artificial sinew is made from 100% polyester and easy to split into thinner strands.

Artificial sinew comes in different weights for using on all kinds of primitive archery projects. Use more

This detailed poster is illustrated by Valerie Waldorf and features full size drawings in brilliant blue ink. Heavy ivory colored stock. Measures approximately 23" tall x 35" wide. more

The success of 14th Century mercenary Sir John Hawkwood didn't lie in his cavalry or infantry... it was in his regiment of highly skilled English archers.

These Medieval style arrows recall those battles of ages past, when the longbow laid low both peasant and King more

Now sold by the 3-pack.

As the arrow is to the bow, so the dart is to the atlatl. These Ash Dart Shafts and Ash Dart Kits will help you complete your atlatl journey.

The Atlatl Dart is extremely long compared to the traditional arrow. They can range from more

These primitive arrowheads are a great way to reach back to traditional archery's true roots. Suitable for hunting or replica arrows. Great for primitive enthusiasts or arrow builders looking for a different challenge. Ready to install on your wood arrows.

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Now sold only as a 3-pack.

These 42" long x ½" diameter Ash War Bow shafts are perfect for medieval enthusiasts. Use these sturdy ash shafts to make arrows for your heavy Medieval English War Bows.

These shafts have a long 5° point more

These Stevens Steel Trade Points are great replica points. Perfect for target shooting or for making replica arrows.

Trade Points got their name from being used for barter between Native Americans and Early Settlers and could be made from just about any metal. more
Truly the desired thread of Kings and Queens down through the centuries, silk is the finest natural fiber in the world. This superior quality silk is extremely supple, yet resistant to stretch and wear.

Great for wrapping arrow fletchings and self nocks. Works more
Adding genuine cow horn can take any project to the next level. These horns can be used for tip overlays, self nock inserts, buttons, quiver adornments, or just about anything else you can imagine.

Each genuine horn is cleaned and polished to a high shine. However, more

Pine Resin is ideal for binding different materials, such as metal, bone, or stone points to wood shafts.

This particular resin was developed by Thunderbird Atlatl using natural materials. The bond is tough yet flexible, adhering to a variety of materials. Broken more