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A dependable hunting knife is worth 1000 times its weight in venison. The Vanguard 192 from Buck Knives is just such a knife.

Perfect for big game hunters, the Vanguard is a classic fixed blade hunting knife made in the USA. The comfort and security provided by the contour...read more

Montana Decoys knows all about decoys. And Fred Eichler knows all about elk. It only makes sense they should join forces to design one of the most innovative and ingenious elk decoys on the market.

Using Montana Decoys convenient folding design, Fred added his own to...read more

Brass reproduction of an actual sundial compass used in the 1700's. As useful now as it was then. Compass and timepiece in one. Lid included. Measures approximately 1¾" in diameter.

...read more
Hang your European skull mount anywhere, securely, and with full adjustability to really show off your trophies.

The Little Hooker requires NO drilling into the skull.

The Little Hooker is for small to mid-sized skulls (all deer, hogs, alligator, blac...read more
For use with cord hooks, stretch armguards, attaching gear to packs and many other uses. Approximately 10 feet per roll. Diameter of approximately 1/8" (roughly 3 mm).

...read more

Allows use of 1" Nylon webbing without need of sewing. Feed webbing into both ends, connect and pull webbing snug. Squeeze release. Allows for the quick release of any gear you have wrapped up. Sold as one set (one each, male and female parts).

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The Montana Decoy Deer Rump eliminates the bulkiness found in other types of decoys, and the photo realistic image looks great from afar and up close.

The Teaser Tail adds the motion needed to fool deer and bring them in close. There's one tail for each side inclu...read more
Unique blend of pine pitch, mink oil and beeswax. No chemical or petroleum odor. A super water repellent and conditioner. 4 oz.

Tip: Use a hair drier to warm the leather being treated to speed up the absorption process.
...read more

Heavy Water resistant material in TrueTimber XD3 camo. Uses an elastic cord pull tie closure. Measures 7" x 4¾". Made to work with 5-arrow and less bow quivers.

"Whether you shoot pink feathers or not... If your feathers don't blend ...read more

Capturing your triumph in a photo can sometimes be the most satisfying part of the hunt. The ProX Trophy Tripod™ will make sure every "hero shot" is picture perfect.

Use the included Bluetooth® remote to take a picture when you're alone,...read more

Ben's® 100 MAX Tick & Insect Repellent contains the maximum amount of DEET for use in areas of high bug density with intense biting activity. For use when other insect repellents just won't cut it, Ben's® 100 MAX provides up to 10 hours of protection from ticks and insec...read more

Flint and steel has long been man's secret weapon against the elements. A simple and effective way to ignite tinder and create fire, these fire starting kits are a great way to reconnect with our trail-blazing forefathers.

The Strike-A-Lite Flint and Stee...read more