Bow Building Kits

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The Atlatl predates the bow and arrows by several thousand years. It was mankind's first step into developing projectile weapons. And this amazing tool is still in use today by primitive enthusiasts and do-it-yourselfers.

3Rivers Archery is proud to offer three more
Please note: the manufacturer does not provide a warranty for these Hickory Staves once you start work on the bow.

These Hickory Staves are a great way to learn basic bow building. The staves are floor tillered with the string grooves more

Young archers can enjoy the satisfaction and challenge of bow building as well! The U-Finish Youth Longbow Blank provides the perfect foundation for finishing your very own youth bow!

Great for beginners or young bow builders. Or for experienced bow builders wanting more

Build your bow your way with this 72" Hickory bow blank with hickory backing, riser block, and tip overlays. The basic form is roughed out for you. But you get to finish the bow and add your own unique touches.

The kit comes with hickory stave, hickory more

Ipe is a beautiful, hard, rot resistant wood ideal for bowbuilding. Hickory is strong, stiff, and shock resistant, making it a popular material for backing bows. The 68" hickory backed ipe bow kit blends these two classic woods into a great bow building project. more

Imagine crafting your very own custom ipe wood bow. This floor-tillered ipe stave is ready for you to shape and create to your liking.

This single piece ipe wood stave has been roughed out and floor-tillered. It's up to you to finish shaping, sanding, and more

This premium ipe wood is ideal for bow builders who want to add a durable and stable core to their bow.

This single piece of quality ipe wood is strong, sturdy, and beautiful. Shave and sand it down till it is just the thickness and width you want, then add your more

The bowyers of old England were at one point in time considered the greatest in the world. Their English longbows were powerful, accurate, and deadly. You can walk in their noble footsteps with this 72" Unfinished Hickory English Longbow blank. The bow is cut, more

The U Finish Classic Hickory Bow Blank is the perfect way to enjoy the challenge of bow building, but without a lot of the hassles.

Made from solid sapwood hickory, the U Finish Bow gives you a strong, sturdy foundation from which to finish your bow. The tillering more

A great longbow is made with care and craftsmanship. But even the greatest bowyers need to start with quality materials. Use the 72" Tri-Lam Unfinished Hickory Ipe Longbow blank to give your next bow building project a quality kick-start.

The tri-lam longbow is more

Bowbuilders admire bamboo for its flexibility, strength, and resilience. They prize Ipe wood for its beauty, durability, and stability. By blending these two powerful materials in one longbow, you get a fast, powerful, sweet-shooting bow. This 72" Unfinished Bamboo more