72" Unfinished Hickory English LongbowItem Number: 86003X
$169.99 $169.99
Made in the US
72" Unfinished Hickory English Longbow

72" Unfinished Hickory English Longbow

Item Number: 86003X
$169.99 $169.99
Made in the US

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The bowyers of old England were at one point in time considered the greatest in the world. Their English longbows were powerful, accurate, and deadly. You can walk in their noble footsteps with this 72" Unfinished Hickory English Longbow blank. The bow is cut, pre-tillered, and ready for you to finish with your own personal touches.

Hickory is a strong, damage resistant wood. It is also easy to work with, making it a great wood for beginning bow builders.

An English longbow requires no arrow shelf. However, you may want to add a leather grip for a secure hold. We sell many different wraps and grip materials suitable for an authentic looking English longbow.

Much of the work is already completed on this hickory English longbow blank. All that is left for you to do is sand the wood, install bow tips, and do the final tiller. It is recommend you add a finish when you are done.

Requires the following tools: Super Glue (for gluing on the bow tips), Rasp, Flat File, Nock Groove File, Square, and Pencil. See 3Rivers Archery's Bow Building Tool Kit.

We recommend Phenolic Bow Tip Overlays to complete your bow. A Flemish twist bow string and tillering rope are included.

Sold in weights of 20-25, 25-30, 30-35, 35-40, 40-45, and 45-50# @ 28". Please specify.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm