Takedown Kits

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This is the epoxy to use for any wood-to-metal project. Perfect for the takedown sleeves we offer. 5 ouncees.
  • Wood-to-metal projects
  • Recommended for takedown sleeve
  • 5 oz. bottle

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Use these sleeves to either convert one of your bows to a take-down, or make one from scratch. Solid, rugged and simple. Brass sleeve slides into steel handle. Classic "D" shape for comfort. The small sleeve measures, 5-1/4" x 1-1/2" x 1-1/4". The larg...read more

Bow builders face many challenges. Making a takedown bow adds to those challenges. With this handy takedown bow assembly set the challenge becomes much easier.

Each set comes with everything you need for making a quality limb bolt takedown bow. All you need is the r...read more

One of the most important rules in Traditional Archery is, "Always be prepared!"

With this limb bolt and hex wrench set, you'll be prepared in case you lose your takedown bow limb bolts, or they become old and worn out. Perfect for your read more