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If you've ever wanted to learn how to make stone arrowheads or any other kind of flint knapping, this is the best way to get started.

Our beginners kit includes: 2 lbs. of mixed knapping pieces (spalls), one copper tipped flaker, one copper bopper, one stone abrader, more

You can make a very nice flint knife with this stone knife kit. The kit includes a hand knapped stone blade, a hardwood handle, hide glue, enough gut material to easily haft the blade to the handle, and detailed instructions.

Can be used in cub scout or boy scout more
Mother Nature's glass, obsidian is a joy to knap and gives up its flakes readily. It is very brittle though and care must be taken when using percussion. Our obsidian is normally a natural clear black, sometimes highlighted with reddish streaks. Our obsidian spalls are on the more
This rawhide is just the right thickness for backing bows. Do NOT use hot water. Sold by the pair. Approximately 2" x 36" dimensions.
  • Perfect for backing bows
  • Sold in pairs
  • Approximately 2" x 36"

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Adding genuine cow horn can take any project to the next level. These horns can be used for tip overlays, self nock inserts, buttons, quiver adornments, or just about anything else you can imagine.

Each genuine horn is cleaned and polished to a high shine. However, more
Pine pitch can be used to aid in hafting arrow points, knife blades, and spear points. Can also be used as a waterproofing agent. Store in a cool area. Use low heat to soften. Approxmately 1.3 ounces. more
A fancy 6" (blade) draw knife made from forged high carbon steel. Comes with leather, button down sheath, and wooden handles. Not too big, not to small...just right.

  • Forged high carbon steel construction
  • Leather sheath included
  • Perfect size
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  • Similar to the old "Coopers" bench, or the German schnitzelbank workbench. This bench is heavy duty, and with a little leg pressure, securely holds your bow in place while you work. Extra shipping required (Bow and tools not included). Seat height is 24". more

    These are quality Hickory backing strips for bowmaking. Whether you're backing a solid bow or gluing up several laminations, the Hickory backing is a durable backing. Grain configurations vary and the strips are approximately 1/8" x 2" x 68"-72". Extra more
    This starter kit includes everything you need to start making your own bow. Includes:
    • A Fast Flight® Tillering Rope - The bottom is pre-tied in a bowyers knot for your convenience. This all Fast Flight® construction produces the longest lasting more

    Pre-waxed artificial sinew is great for do-it-yourself primitive projects. This artificial sinew is made from 100% polyester and easy to split into thinner strands.

    Artificial sinew comes in different weights for using on all kinds of primitive archery projects. Use more

    Bamboo is arguably the best primitive bow backing material available anywhere and our bamboo backing strips are planed flat on the belly so you won't have to do the work. With the belly side of the bamboo planed flat all that's left to do is to rough it up prior to gluing up the more