Medieval Grayhawke RH Medium 30#, 2035 KitItem Number: PM1-RH30-MD20
$519.99 $519.99
Made in the US
Medieval Grayhawke RH Medium 30#, 2035 Kit

Medieval Grayhawke RH Medium 30#, 2035 Kit

Item Number: PM1-RH30-MD20
$519.99 $519.99
Made in the US

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Recapture the atmosphere of medieval archery with the Greyhawke Longbow kit. Our introductory medieval kit will help to portray the nobility and tradition from a legendary time in history.

Included in the Kit

The Greyhawke English longbow is made from a single piece of premium hickory. It is stained rustic brown and adorned with hand-painted artwork. It features a rounded belly, tapered limbs, and a custom leather wrapped grip. A certificate of authenticity, instructions, and warranty are all included.

  • Made from a single piece of premium hickory
  • Approximately 72" in length tip-to-tip
  • Stained brown with hand-painted artwork
  • Leather wrapped grip
  • Fits right and left handed archers
  • 68" B-50 Flemish twist string
  • Maximum draw length 28"
  • Selway Limbsaver Long bow stringer
  • Made in the USA
  • This bow is rated and labeled at 30-35# with a 28" draw length

The Hawkwood Medieval Arrows recall battles of ages past. Made from cedar, these shafts are fletched with three 4.5" turkey feathers that have a special medieval look. They are also tipped with a 145 grain medieval bodkin point.

  • Hawkwood Arrows (6 pack)
  • 20-35 spine
  • 30" length
  • Made from cedar shafts
  • For bows weighing 20-35 lbs.
  • Fletched with 4½" medieval cut (one grey and two white)
  • Tipped with 145 grain medieval bodkin point
  • Black Classic nock
  • Made in the USA

Boast an authentic and appropriate way to store your arrows with the Medieval Battle Quiver. Many quivers of the period were made from a simple sack cloth and leather spacer. This allowed the arrows to be held securely and protected them from inclement weather, all while keeping the quiver lightweight for travel. Made from duct canvas and cotton rope, it easily holds 24 arrows with a diameter up to ½" thick and features an adjustable strap to achieve the perfect fit.

  • Made from duct canvas and cotton rope
  • Holds 24 arrows up to ½" thick
  • Overall length measures 40"
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Not to be used with broadheads
  • Made in the USA.

Bow Glove
Comfortably enjoy shooting off-the-knuckle with the Hawkwood bow glove. It is a soft and comfortable leather glove that shields your bow hand from the quill of the feather when shooting primitive style bows.

  • Made from soft leather
  • Velcro® strap for a secure fit
  • Lightweight
  • Brown (color may vary)
  • Size medium
  • Made in the USA

Shooting Tab
An authentic medieval archery experience is literally at your fingertips with the Medieval leather shooting tab. Protect your fingers with this quality leather tab while displaying the historical medieval era.

  • Made from leather
  • Medieval style
  • Size medium
  • Made in the USA

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm