Legends in ArcheryItem Number: 7829
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Legends in Archery

Legends in Archery

Item Number: 7829
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No archer's library is complete without Peter O. Stecher's "Legends in Archery," a captivating exploration of the sport's most iconic figures. This book provides a unique look at the techniques, equipment, and philosophies of renowned archers such as Saxton Pope, Art Young, William Compton, Fred Bear, Howard Hill, Byron Ferguson, and Ishi.

Spanning from the late 19th century to contemporary times, Stecher brings to life the bold personalities and groundbreaking contributions of these archery pioneers. Readers will journey through thrilling big game bow hunts in Africa, experience the thrill of bowfishing in South America, and explore numerous other adventures that define the spirit of archery. 

This book is not just a historical account but a source of inspiration for modern archers and enthusiasts alike. 

192 pages. Black and white photographs. Hardcover.


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm