Hunting Male Sage LH 50#, 500/26" KitItem Number: PH1M-LH50-500-26
$499.99 $499.99
Hunting Male Sage LH 50#, 500/26" Kit

Hunting Male Sage LH 50#, 500/26" Kit

Item Number: PH1M-LH50-500-26
$499.99 $499.99

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Our introductory Hunting Kit is recommended by the Product Finder as a beginner package to get you started bowhunting. This budget friendly kit offers entry-level equipment to help you prepare for the hunting season. While this is a good starting point, perfecting your archery skills will likely require practice and fine-tuning of your equipment. Additionally, alternate equipment may be appropriate as you develop your technique. Perhaps one of the most important things to learn when new to archery is which hand you will use to hold the bow. For a right handed shooter, the bow will be held in the left hand while the right hand will be used to pull the bow string. We encourage you to explore our online educational resources to help with your new journey. It will guide you in learning how to assemble and string a bow as well as many other tips and techniques.

Hunting is an activity that should be taken seriously and executed withproficiency, due diligence, and respect for the wildlife. Make it a top priority to read and understand all appropriate state game laws, which is available from each state's fish and wildlife agency. This will inform you about state regulations such as equipment requirements, archery seasons and their authorized time of year and time of day to hunt, licensing requirements, hunter's safety class requirements, and more.

Included in the Kit

The Fleetwood Edge takedown recurve is one of the smoothest shooting bows offered in an ideal hunting length, yet at an affordable price. The 62" length makes for a good hunting bow while lending itself as being comfortable for most any draw length. The no-tools takedown system makes it quick and convenient to take apart for storage and transportation. Although the riser design allows for an arrow to be shot from the shelf ("off-the-shelf shooting"), an elevated rest is installled to help keep your arrow in place as you work toward perfecting your shooting technique. A bow set-up service is performed by a certified longbow & recurve technician and includes: setting the brace height; placing a nocking point onto the bow string; installing string silencers; and a thorough quality inspecition.

  • Fleetwood Edge 62" Recurve (no-tools takedown).
  • Riser - Left hand, 19" in length, made from laminated Olive hardwood and Hard Maple.
  • Limbs - Hard Maple core surrounded by black fiberglass. Reinforced bow tips.
  • Accepts industry standard (ATA/AMO) bow sights, plungers, and elevated rests.
  • Radiused and cut to center for optional "off-the-shelf" shooting.
  • Elevated, all-weather arrow rest installed
  • 58" Dacron bowstring.
  • Selway Limbsaver recurve bow stringer.
  • This bow is rated and labeled at 50# with a 28" draw length.
    Note: Based on the height provided your estimated pull weight is 42.5# and draw length is 25". It is an industry standard to measure bow weight at a 28" draw length. To calculate actual pull weight, subtract 2.5 lbs. for every inch of your draw length less than 28".

The Traditional Only Carbon Arrows included in this kit represent the beauty of wood while offering the toughness of carbon fiber materials. The closely matched straightness and weight tolerances offer the best for accuracy and flight in an arrow, making these arrows the top choice for traditional bowhunting. Designed to give a balance between penetration and durability, these arrows are sure to maximize results for every

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm