Gear Guard Combination Cable LockItem Number: 24682
$18.99 $18.99
Gear Guard Combination Cable Lock

Gear Guard Combination Cable Lock

Item Number: 24682
$18.99 $18.99

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There's nothing more frustrating than setting up a treestand, blind, or other valuable gear, only to have it stolen. Secure your vital gear with the Gear Guard Cable Lock from .30-06 Outdoors.

The heavy-duty, weather-resistant steel cable has a transparent rubber coating. It is strong, secure, and reliable.

Secure your treestand to the tree, preventing thieves, animals, or even Mother Nature from stealing or taking it down. Or use it to strap your blind to a tree or post. Great for keeping your blind or stand secure against storms and strong gusts of wind.

The sturdy combination lock ensures peace of mind. Only your personal 4-digit combination can unlock it.

The Gear Guard Cable lock measures 6 feet long and 1/2" in diameter.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm