Fred Bear Takedown Longbow LimbsItem Number: 207881X
$429.99 $429.99
Made in the US
Fred Bear Takedown Longbow Limbs

Fred Bear Takedown Longbow Limbs

Item Number: 207881X
$429.99 $429.99
Made in the US

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Give your Bear riser the longbow advantage with these slick longbow takedown limbs. Bear Archery always delivers the best in bows, and these longbow limbs give you even more options for your Bear takedown set-up.

These quality longbow limbs use the classic time tested Bear Latch system and adds a modern reflex-deflex longbow profile for smooth drawing, and precision shooting. They seamlessly work with your Bear A or B Riser (including the awesome Bear Takedown Mag Riser), as well as your Fred Eichler Signature Series Riser.

Limb model #2 measures 58" on A riser, 60" on the Eichler riser, or 62" on B riser.

These longbow limbs look amazing too! They are some extremely well crafted limbs with Phenolic limb butts, durable Maple core, and sleek black glass tips. They're also compatible with today's high performance strings.

Available in draw weights of 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, and 70# @ 28" draw. Please specify.

Please note: Draw weights are measured on a B Riser. Add 1# of weight for every 2" subtracted from the AMO. For example, a 45# longbow limb on a B Riser would be a 46# bow on an Eichler Riser or a 47# bow on an A Riser.

Bear Takedown Options
Riser AMO Pull Weight
A 58" +2#
Eichler 60" +1#
B 62" As listed
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm