DAS™ 17" Dalaa Takedown BowItem Number: 8145
$754.97 $754.97
Made in the US
DAS™ 17" Dalaa Takedown Bow

DAS™ 17" Dalaa Takedown Bow

Item Number: 8145
$754.97 $754.97
Made in the US

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It's All About Fine Tuning
DAS Bows™ are top of their class with unmatched Versatility, Precision, Strength, and Silence. Customize your bow with adjustable draw weight and draw length, riser length, interchangeable grips, and limb style and material. DAS™ takedown bows are an evolutionary leap forward in archery bow design and performance! This predatory powerhouse has all the speed, balance, and shot consistency you demand when on the range or in the woods. We're talking Olympic level performance, shot after shot after shot!

Custom Build your bow by choosing:

Draw weight at any draw length

Riser Length:

Dual Poly Bow Grip size of Extra Low, Low, Standard, or High Wrist

Bow Limb Style and Material
Limitless Tuning for Perfect Arrow Flight:

Shoot off the shelf with adjustable center shot, or with an elevated rest and plunger.

Fine tune draw weight ±5% (from starting draw weight) and adjustable tiller
Risers are machined from 6061-T6 aircraft Aluminum alloy. Designed to withstand crucial stresses with ZERO FLEX. Flawless design combined with anti-vibration technology for unmatched consistent and quiet shots every time.

DAS™ Recurve Limbs
17" Riser
60" 40-60#
62" 40-60#

Risers are now offered in a Type III Hard Coat Anodize Finish or DuraCoat® Finish

An anodize finish is extremely durable, won't chip or peel like paint, and offers resistance for corrosion, wear, and abrasion. A hard coat (Type III) is thicker than standard anodizing for more durability and a smoother finish. NOTE: Colors are not as consistent as those obtained from a film dip. Anodize finish is offered in black or copper in model lengths of 21", 17", or 15".

DuraCoat® offers the same kind of durable, dependable protection you get from industrial firearms finishes. You'll benefit from increased impact resistance, as well as protection from corrosion and age. Your Dalaa® riser will last lifetimes longer. DuraCoat® finish is offered in sniper green in the 17" Dalaa model only.

Recent Upgrades to Dalaa® 17" and 21" Risers

With the new anodized and DuraCoat® risers there is now a scribed center line on the shelf and belly of the risers to aid with checking alignment of limbs and tuning arrows to centershot. For the 21" Dalaa® riser a 3rd plunger hole has been added, and the front stabilizer hole has been upgraded with a stainless steel bushing.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm