Complete Bushcraft Survival Guide 4-Book SeriesItem Number: 7953-05
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Made in the US
Complete Bushcraft Survival Guide 4-Book Series

Complete Bushcraft Survival Guide 4-Book Series

Item Number: 7953-05
$67.99 $63.97
Made in the US

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These informative books by survival expert Dave Canterbury are a must for any bowhunter, hiker, camper, or outdoor enthusiast. Everything you need to know to survive and thrive in the wilderness.

    Bushcraft 101
    With emphasis on the 5 "C's" of Survivability (Cutting tools, Covering, Combustion devices, Containers, and Cordages), this book helps you not only survive, but reconnect with nature. You'll learn to utilize resources from your surroundings, as well as prepare for all types of weather and climates.
    Features dozens of illustrations, charts, and maps, as well as detailed appendices and a helpful glossary. 256 pages. Paperback.

    Advanced Bushcraft
    Using the basics learned in Bushcraft 101, you'll expand your knowledge and skills with advanced techniques. Canterbury teaches you such critical skills as tracking wildlife, exploiting the medicinal qualities of common plants, and navigating without a compass or map. You'll also learn how to improvise tools and other important equipment.
    Packed with dozens of useful illustrations and charts. 256 pages. Paperback.

    The Bushcraft Field Guide to Trapping, Gathering, and Cooking in the Wild
    In this book Canterbury teaches you the essentials of packing, trapping, and preparing food for your woodland adventures. He also tells you how to hunt and gather in the wilderness, and gives you special recipes for use in the bush.
    Filled with accompanying illustrations, as well as full color photographs of plants to eat and ones to avoid. 256 pages. Paperback.

    Bushcraft First Aid
    What do you do when calling 911 is not an option? You rely on your own skills and knowledge. This comprehensive book ensures you are prepared when injury or illness strikes in the wilderness. You'll learn how to tend cuts, burns, broken bones, and more. This book also teaches you how to utilize common plants to treat wounds and to use as medicine.
    Packed with diagrams and illustrations. Features a full color guide showcasing plants with medicinal qualities and descriptions of their uses. 256 pages. Paperback.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm