Competition Female Knight RH 30#, 420/32" KitItem Number: PC2F-RH30-420-32
$419.99 $419.99
Competition Female Knight RH 30#, 420/32" Kit

Competition Female Knight RH 30#, 420/32" Kit

Item Number: PC2F-RH30-420-32
$419.99 $419.99

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Our introductory Competition Kit has been recommended by the Product Finder tool as a beginner package to get you started practicing for competitive archery. This entry-level kit offers equipment to get you prepared for competing, a personalized phone assessment, and full-service bow setup. While this is a good starting point, perfecting your archery skills will likely require practice and fine-tuning of your equipment. Additionally, alternate equipment may be appropriate as you develop your technique. Perhaps one of the most important things to learn when new to archery is which hand you will use to hold the bow. For a right handed shooter, the bow will be held in the left hand while the right hand will be used to pull the bow string. We encourage you to explore our online educational resources to help with your new endeavor. It will guide you in learning how to assemble and string a bow as well as many other tips and techniques. 

Included in the Kit

This competition kit comes with a Knight Takedown recurve bow that's designed toward the Olympic style target shooter. The riser is cut past center, which means the sight window is cut to a point past the middle of the riser. This allows for the use of a plunger to better control the accuracy of the arrow (often referred to as tuning). An elevated rest and plunger are installed to help keep your arrow in place and assist with tuning as you work toward perfecting your shooting technique. The overall 66" bow length makes it one of the more stable target bows and provides for a smoother draw. Its light physical weight of 2 lbs. 3 oz. and ability to add sights, plungers, rests, and stabilizers will assist you in becoming a pro. 

  • Knight 66" Recurve (no-tools takedown)
  • Riser - Right hand, 20" in length, made from cast aluminum, black finish
  • Limbs - Maple core surrounded by black fiberglass, reinforced bow tips
  • Cut-past center arrow shelf (designed for use with an elevated rest)
  • Black, plastic high grip
  • Accepts industry standard bow sights, plungers, elevated rests, and front stabilizers
  • Elevated arrow rest installed
  • Supra Cushion Plunger installed
  • 63" Dacron endless loop bow string
  • Selway Limbsaver recurve bow stringer
  • This bow is rated and labeled at 30# with a 28" draw length
    Note: Based on the height provided your estimated pull weight is 37.5# and draw length is 31". It is an industry standard to measure bow weight at a 28" draw length. To calculate actual pull weight, add 2.5 lbs. for every inch of your draw length greater than 28".

Bow Sight
Improve your aim with the use of a bow sight. The Simplex Adjustable Bow Sight keeps you on target by providing pinpoint adjustments for any distance of shooting. Use of the single pin allows you to concentrateon the target without obstruction of multiple pins. You can also fine tune the sight for precise shooting distances with the marked graduations. The Simplex Bow Sight takes out the guess work when you aim, allowing you to focus and perfect your shot. 

The Easton Vector carbon arrows in 600 spine come with glue-in points installed and ready to shoot. 6-pack included. 

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm