Moose Leg SinewItem Number: 4213X
$10.25 $10.25 - $17.25
Moose Leg Sinew

Moose Leg Sinew

Item Number: 4213X
$10.25 $10.25 - $17.25

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This Canadian Moose Leg Sinew is perfect for bowyers and arrow makers who work with a lot of sinew. Because you get more sinew per package, it's a great option for backing self bows. Also works well for hafting flint knapped arrow points, or tying fletchings to primitive arrows.

Dried and unprocessed. Available in Large or Small with one piece per bag, or Medium with two pieces per bag. Please Specify. Large piece approximately 13" to 15". Small piece approximately 10" to 12". Medium pieces approximately 10" to 13". Imported from Canada.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm