Bowfishing Fish Stick KitItem Number: PB-1
$159.99 $159.99
Bowfishing Fish Stick Kit

Bowfishing Fish Stick Kit

Item Number: PB-1
$159.99 $159.99

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The Cajun Fish Stick recurve kit has been recommended by the Product Finder tool as a beginner package to get you started bowfishing. This introductory kit is price friendly and offers all of the equipment you need to take archery to the water. We encourage you to explore our online educational resources to help with your new adventure. It will guide you in learning the fundamentals of archery. Perhaps one of the most important things to learn when new to archery is which hand you will use to hold the bow. For a right handed shooter, the bow will be held in the left hand while the right hand will be used to pull the bow string. You can also learn how to assemble and string a bow as well as many other tips and techniques.

Bowfishing is regulated by the fish and wildlife department. Make it a top priority to read and understand all appropriate state fishing laws, which is available from each state's fish and wildlife agency. This will inform you about state regulations such as equipment requirements, bowfishing seasons and their authorized times, licensing requirements, safety class requirements, and more.

Included in the Kit

Included in the bowfishing kit is the Cajun Fish Stick 45# takedown recurve bow. This is a sturdy bow, built for the rigors and triumphs of bow fishing! It features a quality, lightweight machined aluminum 20" riser with composite limbs and has an overall AMO bow length of 56". The takedown feature makes it perfect for travel to and from the lake, river, or stream.
  • Cajun Fish Stick Recurve (takedown)
  • Riser Æ’_" Right hand, 20" machined aluminum, Kryptec camo finish
  • Limbs Æ’_" Made from composite material, black finish
  • Black, plastic non-slip grip
  • Accepts industry standard elevated rests and bowfishing reels
  • Roller arrow rest installed
  • 52" D97 bow string
  • Selway Limbsaver bow stringer
  • Accepts use of high performance bow strings such as fast flight.
  • This bow is rated and labeled at 45# with a 28" draw length.
    Note: It is an industry standard to measure bow weight at a 28" draw length. To calculate actual pull weight, add 2.5 lbs. for every inch of your draw length greater than 28". Based on the height provided, the product finder has estimated your bow weight to be 50# with a 30" draw length.

When it comes to arrows for bowfishing, nothing accounts for more fish every season than the tried and true fiberglass fish arrow. These heavy arrows punch through fish with authority and they can take a beating. The fish arrow included in this kit comes with an installed two-barb Piranha point that is perfect for penetrating carp.

You'll also get a drum reel with 50 feet of 80 lb. bowfishing line. This entry level reel is simple to use and will last for years. It features a spool design and easily attaches to the front of the bow.

Roller Rest
To achieve the best performance in bowfishing you need gear that's trustworthy and easy to use. The roller rest is simple, reliable, and the preferred choice for bowfishing. It keeps the arrow ready for action and increases arrow speed. The composition of brass and plastic prevent corrosion and ensure long term usability in the wettest conditions.

Finger Savers&l
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm