Duff Jorgenson 2022 Montana Whitetail Doe

Name: Duff Jorgenson
Country Harvested: United States
State/Province: Montana
Year: 2022
Type of Game: Whitetail Deer
Equipment Used:

I use the Beaman ICS Bowhunter carbon arrows. I use a 2-blade Stinger 125 grain broadhead. My arrows are protected from my cat quiver backpack that I absolutely love. I use a Martin glove from 3Rivers. I wear my short brimmed hat from 3Rivers that never touches my string. I love it.

Additional Info:

I recently harvested this doe with my Bears paw Reflex Deflex longbow made locally. I have been fortunate enough to have multiple deer kills with his bow from a tree stand. I was able to get most of this kill on video as well. I respect all traditional archers who harvest animals because I know how much work and dedication it takes. I just wanted to share this picture 3Rivers Archery. Thank you for supplying the highest quality of equipment!