Black Eagle Vintage Shaft Test KitItem Number: 67901-02
$34.99 $34.99
Black Eagle Vintage Shaft Test Kit

Black Eagle Vintage Shaft Test Kit

Item Number: 67901-02
$34.99 $34.99

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Find the spine of arrow that's perfect for you with the Black Eagle Vintage® Test Kit. Vintage® arrow shafts come in spines of 350, 400, 500, and 600. This test kit comes with one of each spine, allowing you to determine which spine is right for you.

Black Eagle Vintage® carbon arrow shafts have a classic, custom wood arrow look. The wood grain carbon gives you all the advantages of carbon with that warm wood appeal.

The straightness is checked on the full length of the extra long 34" shaft. Straightness ± .005". Inside diameter of .2445". Recommended field point: 5/16".

Each carbon arrow shaft is inspected for quality, and features a Duracoat wood grain overlay finish to allow for refletching or cresting.

Installed with Black Eagle Standard nock (12 gr) and includes aluminum inserts (14 gr). Each test kit comes with one each of 600/7.9, 500/8.5, 400/9.2, and 350/9.8
  • Premium 100% Carbon
  • Duracoat Wood Grain
  • .005 Straightness or Better
  • ±1 Grain Weight Tolerance
  • 34" Shaft Length

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm